Mama is a series of portraits of high school graduates with their mothers or grandmothers.  These images were created over a five-year period for Downtown College Prep—a charter high school in San Jose, CA, that prepares first-generation students for college success. 2008-2012


Alaskan Elders is a series of portraits of Alaskan Elders.  I was invitied by the Babiche Cultural Exchange to travel to four interior Alaskan villages, near the Arctic Circle, to create a visual document of the communities’ elders.  Local teens assisted on the photo shoots and the project was published in the book, “Native Voices, Native Faces.”  2001


Fascinating Woman is a documentary series of photographs and recordings about Gloria Macklin—a mother of eight, Born Again Catholic, and member of Fascinating Womanhood, a feminist backlash group in the 1960’s.  The project explores her journey as a wife and mother and an inadvertent path toward empowerment and leadership, while seemingly rebelling against the Women’s Movement.  1993-1994


Crossroads Kids is a documentary series of children living in public housing in Durham, NC.  All the children participated in the Durham Crossroads Program that I founded which provided after-school and summer enrichment programs and mentorship. 1991-1993
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